Why Drive an Electric Car

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So the story is – I have upgraded from my automatic petrol (35mpg) to an electric car, some near 2 years ago. And I have Never looked back.

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Some “minor” yet useful benefits:

  • Eco Kudos – ZeroEmission, its Clean, and i can breathe in and out (at least on my conscience) Free Access to London’s Congestion Zone: My home charging tariff is renewable, do spare any “irony-test”
  • Its extremely cheap and hassle free running costs. I lease. no headache.
  • I get free parking in Westminster for my electric Car, which is like the best part of London

Then, There’s The Maths, – READ MORE.


As one gentleman once rightly said, “Electric Car is not for everyone, it is only able to satisfy the needs of some 90% of the driving population“. If thats not true, thats damn close

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