And so we upgrade from czero “old-faithful” to LEAF Acenta.

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Very exciting moment today, 31st of October 2013.

It’s been just over a year since we have gone all-Electric and done away with our Polo and petrol costs.

We have indeed cliche “gone boldly”… And all that. And for the better part, running an electric car as a main and the only vehicle, in London, made great sense.

12 months later, I am a living breathing example. Commuting return trip to work, 30 miles a day. + shopping and going out, another 30miles. Could theoretically have fitted a typical day into a single charge(tank).

All gone quite well in the czero EV, but a year of driving forced to realise some shortcomings. Not necessarily with all-electric terrain, but the small city-sized car itself.

To list a few; Small boot, 4 Seats, no toys like SatNav are for starters. What could I expect for generation 1 “wannabe” – car was a “conversion” to electric, thanks for Mitsubishi. Not that it’s all grim doom and gloom, but it’s excellent for city and excellent for starters, especially if “price is right”. And for me, Price WAS right, at £200/month odd, I skipped the fuel bills and was rewarded with piece of mind(ironically it was, – Once you’re past the anxiety thingy) a new car with “fuel&batteries included” was much welcomed deal.

Where are we now? We’re grown out.
And we want “more” from the tech world of EV driving.
We are now more savvier, and we are
Prepared to dish out sub £300/month for mid-range LEAF.

That’s right. Again, each one of us does their math.

New Electric 2013 LEAF does it quite well at that. Improved heating, rev camera,
Satnav, 5 seats, Big boot and tech features to confuse the most apt gadgeteers, – no wonder it’s a well anticipated upgrade we were truly ready for.

So when opportunity presented itself to upgrade to all-New bigger,
Better, fancier* tech-joy – I naturally Jumped on it, and held tight.

If you need to know more details about lease options,
Don’t fret – it’s all in the “Cheapest Lease deal” section of the website. And prices are still right.
In fact so, my colleague went out and ordered the same model for himself! How’s that for word-of-mouth recommendation! And 6 weeks on, doing 140miles-per-day return trip to work commuting.

The lease
Cost is

So, everyone,
I introduce you to our new EV addition –
Linda the LEAF.


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