Semi-Open Email and Letter to Barnet Council regarding Electric Vehicle charging points (lack of) and support.

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Dear Sir/Madam,


We are residents to Hendon, living in constituency of the London borough of Barnet and we own an electric vehicle (EV).

While I have come across many incentives councils are offering residents of other councils (Camden, Westminster, Milton Keynes), and I was hoping to receive some information from our own council, – as per my email now, regarding “what is being done to encourage green, less polluting driving options and incentives in place for residents to make a move.”

I am running a blog at, documenting my personal EV User experience, throughout all my trips, challenges and successes, and I would be really glad to offer hope and support to many readers who find the lack of support or infrastructure in their council areas.

I have prepared a number of questions, which i hope will make this email more organised towards your response;

1. What are the current (upcoming?) EV related incentives in place for the residents of Barnet council controlled areas?

2. Do you offer reduced (or free alike Camden) parking permits for EV users? Are there plans to do so?

3. There is counted mere 2-3 charging stations, in the aforementioned council controlled area. 

This is, frankly relatively poor considering i have personally counted at least 4-5 electric cars in the square mile between Hendon – Golders Green. 

— omitted personal details —

4. What is being done by the council to encourage Community/Business centers to install charging points.

(This extends to Finchley areas as well. Places like Odeon Cinema, Vue Cinema, Shopping centers)

Will there be any incentives or support for home charging station installations? This would help those who are lucky enough to have off-street parking.

    6. According to the SourceLondon website, concerning the electric car charging points, ( there is a number of boroughs mentioned participating and yet to implement, charging points for Electric Vehicle users. Borough of Barnet is not one of them. Its not on the list. Why is that, what is Barnet Council doing to be put on the green and electric supporting map of London. This was personally a very unfortunate discovery to find that my council is not doing anything towards this SourceLondon Scheme. I hope i am wrong and information is out of date, – looking forward to your response before I make up my conclusions.

Its very unfortunate that, despite living across the road from Hendon Park, i see the car covered with a thin layer of black exhaust dust – indication of the air quality in our area.

I am a really keen EV user/enthusiast looking to disclose all cons and pros of EV ownership. Trying to encourage more drivers to follow the suit by my example, and It would work best if we all work together, trying to lower the emissions and improve the air quality in our constituency and area of residence alike.


— omitted personal details —

These are all the questions i need answers to, for my blog-site article council review.

I look forward to your response,



– and on behalf of the EV users in the Borough of Barnet –




I plan to post their response underneath this letter. 😀 Watch this space

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