Will this work? – We hope so: “Electric cars to use bus lanes in UK cities”

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From Guardian Website

UK cities are to allow electric car drivers to beat congestion by using bus lanes, as part of a government drive to encourage uptake of the cleaner vehicles.

Milton Keynes and Derby will copy similar measures in Norway and allow the cars to drive in miles of bus lanes, while owners in Hackney will be able to plug in at street lights. York drivers will be able to recharge their batteries at a solar-powered park-and-ride and electric car owners in Bristol and Milton Keynes will be allowed to park for free.

The schemes were announced by the Department for Transport on Monday as part of a £40m pot shared out among eight towns and cities. Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London are the main beneficiaries, but Dundee, Oxford, York, Derby have also won funding.

Electric cars are seen as a key way for the UK to meet its carbon budgets and cut the illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution that blight many British cities. While still relatively niche compared to combustion engine cars, the number of 100% electric cars registered in 2015 nearly doubled on the year before, to 9,934.

In Norway, incentives including generous tax breaks and allowing electric cars in bus lanes have spurred uptake of the cars which now account for nearly one in five of all new cars sold.

London, which suffers the worst air pollution in the UK, gets the lion’s share of the funding. The Go Ultra Low fund will give the capital £13m for “neighbourhoods of the future” in several boroughs, where electric cars will be prioritised over other vehicles.

The transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin , said: “I want to see thousands more greener vehicles on our roads and I am proud to back this ambition with £40m to help the UK become international pioneers of emission-cutting technology.”

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, gave the initiatives a cautious welcome but said ultimately it was up to industry to drive take-up.

“We are all in favour of encouraging drivers to go ultra-green, but the risk of relying on perks such as access to bus lanes, free parking and exemption from London’s congestion charge is that they can be at odds with other policies such as promoting public transport and easing congestion,” he said.

The government has pledged to continue a long-running electric car grant, but it will decrease in April from the maximum £5,000 currently available to between £2,500 and 4,500, depending on which models buyers choose.

Scotland’s first all-electric car club launches in St Andrews

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A leading UK car sharing club has chosen an all-Renault fleet of eight 100 per cent electric ZOE hatchbacks and two all-electric Kangoo Van Z.E. for its first launch in Scotland.
E-Car Club is launching in St Andrews in partnership with St Andrews University and Transport Scotland.
Its fleet of 10 Renault vehicles ­will be located across the town, famous for its golf club and university, and will be available for the public to hire on an hourly or daily basis.
E-Car Club chose the ZOE Dynamique and Kangoo Z.E. Maxi as it has found them to be reliable and extremely popular with its members at its other locations across the UK.
Ben Fletcher, Renault UK’s Electric Vehicle Product Manager, said: “This deal confirms Renault’s status as a major player in the EV market. We value the importance of electric car sharing in helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality in our towns and cities. » Read the rest of this entry «

The #London congestion charge rules are set to change to favour electric cars.

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London is changing its congestion charge rules again. This time, from July they’ll apparently favour electric-only cars.

Under the new rules you’ll only be able to get free motorised access to the central charging zone with a car emitting less than 75g/km of CO2. That’s the Toyota Prius Plug-in and anything that’s 100 per cent battery powered, such as the Nissan Leaf.

Drivers who own sub-100g/km cars that currently comply will have to register their vehicles with Transport for London before June 29 in order for their already low emissions vehicles to be congestion charge free until June 29, 2015. But what happens after that?

There are potentially great savings to be made from going plug-in. Your annual fuel bill should be cut from thousands to hundreds of pounds. But there’s an enormous amount of pain to be derived and time to be consumed by owning an electric car. Currently there is no standard connector for electric cars. If you want access to the UK‘s charging network – such as it is – you need to register with multiple charging providers and pay multiple tariffs. And supposed free parking in London isn’t free at all as you have to go through the hassle of registering – for a fee.

Changing the congestion charge rules to bias battery-powered cars could force the car industry to get its electric act together. And that could benefit thousands of drivers across the UK. Alternatively, it could simply reinforce how unviable electric cars currently are. At the moment, things could go either way.

Agree with #EV parking, congestion charge, toll incentives … http://t.co/a4zt84DF60” I also like green badge idea!

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Fairness: #Hybrid and sub 100g/km cars to lose exemption from #London #Congestion #Charge. take that wannabees!

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  • Soaring sales of Congestion Charge exempt eco-cars making air quality worse
  • Diesels emit 22 times more soot particles than petrol cars

So-called eco-friendly cars are facing a crackdown in London after a scheme to encourage motorists to switch to ‘greener’ alternatives has started to make air more toxic.

Transport for London is to remove the Congestion Charge exemption for diesels and some Hybrids because soaring sales has increased pollution and traffic.

Diesels now account for one in two sales, but emit 22 times more soot particulates than petrol cars.

End of the road: Diesel and Hybrid cars are set to lose their London Congestion Charge exemption because booming sales has led to increased polutionEnd of the road: Diesel and Hybrid cars are set to lose their London Congestion Charge exemption because booming sales has led to increased polution

The U-Turn has provoked an outcry from motoring organisations, who accused authorities of moving the ‘green goalposts’.

And the move is also expected to cause anger among motorists who bought their cars to take advantage of the exemption.

Edmund King, AA president, told the Evening Standard: ‘We do have real concerns about “green goalposts” being moved after drivers and businesses have invested in low-emission hybrid and diesel vehicles. We need to encourage the take-up of a range of greener vehicles.’

Out of favour: Toyota Prius is one of more than 50 ##Q##greener##Q## cars which are set to lose their Congestion Charge exemptionOut of favour: Toyota Prius is one of more than 50 ##Q##greener##Q## cars which are set to lose their Congestion Charge exemption


  • Audi A3 1.6TDI
  • Citroën C3 1.6HDi
  • Citroën DS3 1.6HDi
  • Fiat 500/500C
  • Fiat Punto Evo 1.3 16V Multijet
  • Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6TDCI Duratorq
  • Ford Focus ECOnetic 1.6 TDCI Duratorq (below)
  • Hyundai i10 1.0SOHC
  • Mini One D
  • Mini Cooper D
  • SEAT Leon 1.6TDI
  • SEAT Ibiza ST 1.2TDI
  • Skoda Fabia hatchback and estate 1.2TDI
  • Smart Fortwo CDI Coupé and Cabrio
  • Smart ForTwo Coupé and Cabrio
  • Toyota Auris T4 and T Spirit
  • Toyota Prius T3, T4 and T Spirit
  • Toyota IQ 1.0 VVT-i
  • Vauxhall Corsa 1.3TDI
  • Volvo S40 DRIVe
  • Volvo V50 DRIVe
  • Volvo C30 DRIVe
  • Volkswagen Polo 1.2TDI
  • Volkswagen Golf 1.6TDI

More than 50 ‘green’ models, which includes the petrol/electric Toyota Prius — a favourite among environmentally conscious drivers  – will no longer be exempt from the £10 charge.

The move will come into force in July if approved by Boris Johnson.

It is understood the changes to the pricing will generate up to an extra £2 million a year.

The additional revenue will go some way to plugging the £60 million lost since the abandoning the Congestion Charge’s western extension.

About 70,000 motorists a day enter the congestion zone, with 2,500 qualifying for Transport for London’s Greener Vehicle Discount because they emit less than 100g/km of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

TfL wants to scrap this limit and replace it with a much tougher 75g/km maximum in a new scheme — which effectively rules out all hybrid and diesel vehicles now on the road.

David Bizley, the RAC’s technical director, said that only pure electric cars are likely to meet those new rigorous pollution restrictions.

Applications for the Greener Vehicle Discount would cease to be accepted from July. But drivers already registered would continue to qualify for the exemption until June 2015.

TfL, which made a £136.8 million net profit from the congestion charge in 2011/12, believes the existing system ‘creates an incentive’ for owners of hybrid and diesel cars to enter the zone.

It fears the number could more than double to 6,000 ‘free’ cars a day by the end of this year.

The new rules would sit alongside a £10 increase in penalty fines — taking them to £130 — and the closure of C-charge payment points in shops and petrol stations.

These changes would generate a further £2.5 million a year.

Hybrid I want in the UK: Ford C-MAX Energi Scores California Carpool Lane Approval

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Californians looking to avoid near $5-per-gallon gas will soon be able to buy the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, potentially save $5,250 off the purchase price and enjoy high-occupancy vehicle lane (HOV) access.

The C-MAX Energi was just approved for the Green Clean Air Vehicle Sticker as part of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP).

California C-MAX Energi customers can now apply to receive a $1,500 state tax rebate when purchasing or leasing the vehicle for 36 months or longer. In addition to the state rebate, Ford C-MAX Energi will qualify for the existing $3,750 federal tax credit – making America’s most affordable plug-in hybrid even more affordable for Californians at $28,495 after the federal tax credit and state tax rebate.

The approval also paves the way for the C-MAX Energi to be approved in other states with carpool lane plug-in vehicle incentives, such as Maryland, New York and Virginia.

“We’re pleased with California customers’ early interest in the C-MAX hybrids, our first dedicated hybrid-only nameplate in North America, in the No. 1 hybrid market in the U.S.,” said Michael O’Brien, Ford electrified vehicle marketing manager. “The C-MAX Energi is the most affordable, most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid with the longest overall range for any utility or compact vehicle on the market today – this extra carpool lane incentive and rebate will help Californians go further with Ford in every sense of the phrase.”

The C-MAX Energi achieves up to 21 miles in all-electric range – more than triple Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid’s six-mile all-electric range. This means that at least one leg of the average work commute – reportedly 20 miles each way – could be completed each day on electric battery charge only, allowing customers to save gas as they face traffic congestion in their commute. A study by the United States Department of the Treasury estimates congestion consumed an extra 1.9 billion gallons of fuel in 2011, approximately 5 percent of all gasoline used.

CVRP is funded by the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board (CARB) and administered statewide by the California Center for Sustainable Energy.

According to CARB, Green Clean Air Vehicle Stickers are available to the first 40,000 applicants who purchase or lease cars meeting California’s Enhanced Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (AT PZEV) requirement.

Access to HOV lanes, plus the C-MAX Energi’s combination of fuel-efficient highway driving and electric-powered city driving is more important than ever with the growing trend of commuters spending more time on the roads.

A recent study from New York University’s Rudin School of Transportation shows today’s commuters are on the road longer than ever before, and the number of people who commute more than 90 miles to work has doubled over the past 10 years. The all-new Ford C-MAX Energi is America’s most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid with an EPA-certified 108 miles-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) city rating, 92 MPGe highway rating and 100 MPGe combined rating.


Boris Johnson: ‘I delivered every single one of my green pledges’

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As London prepares to go to the polls to elect its next mayor on Thursday,BusinessGreen caught up with incumbent mayor Boris Johnson via email, who is determined to hold the mayoralty for another four years.

Johnson has faced constant criticism from green businesses and campaigners over his environmental record in recent years, with attacks focusing on the continued failure to bring the capital into line with EU air quality standards, cuts to a number of environmental programmes, and the decision not to extend the city##Q##s congestion charging scheme.

But the mayor insists he has delivered on every one of theenvironmental pledges he set when he entered office in 2008, including boosting the number of hybrid buses in Transport for London##Q##s fleet and initiating work to cut carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2020.

BusinessGreen: If you are re-elected on 3 May, what will you do to support green businesses?
Boris Johnson:
 Our programmes tackling climate change will not only make London a better place for our children, they are creating jobs for Londoners now. Up to 14,000 jobs could be created every year as part of £721m of low-carbon activity, promoting retrofitting and cleaner transport.

Under my leadership, City Hall has taken the lead in driving the green economy. Our RE:NEW programme has helped 55,000 London households reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their energy bills. Our RE:FIT programme has retro-fitted 42 public buildings with carbon-reducing technology, delivering 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions reductions and an average 28 per cent energy saving per building. Under our RE:CONNECT programme, 10 Low Carbon Zones have been created across London to pioneer carbon reduction in our city.

In my next term of office, I will continue our investment in these schemes and extend RE:NEW to a further 20,000 houses. I will also expand electric car charging points to 1,300, giving Londoners more charge points than petrol stations, and expanding the GLA##Q##s electric fleet to 1,000.

What would you highlight as your top three green achievements from your time in office?
Since I was elected in 2008, I have delivered on all the green election pledges I set out that are so vital in helping to make London a better place. One of my top green achievements is the successful work that has been done to protect London##Q##s green spaces and plant 10,000 street trees.

In 2009, I launched the £4m Help a London Park scheme as part of mycommitment to clean up and improve the capital##Q##s rundown green spaces. Improvements have included new play equipment for children, improved access and security, extensive new landscaping and the creation of a wildlife habitat. In total, I am delivering improvements to 300 acres of green space across our city.

We need to focus on enabling more successful schemes such as this. By the start of the Olympics, I will have invested over £335m in 80 public space projects that people living, working, and visiting the city will be able to enjoy.

Street trees improve air quality as well as quality of life for Londoners. Earlier this year I planted our 10,000th street tree since 2008, fulfilling one of my key election promises. If I am re-elected I will deliver 20,000 street trees by 2016.

In addition to trees planted by the GLA I am working with the Forestry Commission, and through my RE:LEAF programme we have planted 100,000 trees since 2008.

Another ##Q##green achievement##Q## I##Q##m particularly proud of is the introduction of the £5m to create a Clean Air Fund for London to improve air quality in hotspots. This fund will:

• Help reduce pollution at the worst hotspots for particulate matter (PM10).
• Reduce idling through improved signage and infrastructure, contain targeted interventions with specific vehicles such as taxis and coaches, and awareness raising activities and enforcement.
• Installing diesel particulate filters on buses travelling along hotspot locations, such as Upper Thames Street, Marylebone Road and Park Lane.

I will continue to champion improvements to London##Q##s air quality and work constructively with the government on the issue. I will keep the 100 per cent congestion charge discount for low-emission vehicles so there is a real financial incentive for Londoners to drive the cleanest vehicles available and work with the new London Health Improvement Board to engage the health service in addressing poor air quality.

Your opponents have highlighted figures showing you spent just £40m of an £84m climate change budget over the past four years. How can you explain the underspend and what reassurances can you offer green businesses that support for the capital##Q##s green economy will increase in the future?
I have delivered on every single one of the pledges contained in my 2008 environment manifesto. In fact, I have delivered on more than 90 per cent of my election promises from 2008. In contrast, in Ken Livingstone##Q##s time in office he broke more than half the promises he made.

This election is about trust, and right from the start I have been upfront about my plans, my record of delivery and even my taxes. I stand on my record, and green businesses can be assured I will deliver on my manifesto at this election.




£149.99/month evmeerkat ev Lease – for price of monthly petrol!

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Yes my friends!

The Very special deal finally arrived which actually makes sense!

149.99/month + VAT deal on 3 year lease!

This is basically 3 + 35 month contract. Excludes annual maintenance (£140-£220)

I have gone for this offer myself actually, and am here to tell the tale.

I migrated from Vw polo 1.4 automatic and gone head-on into this electric car deal since it just made sense as I live in London and I spend 150-170/month on fuel anyway.

Then there is TAX, maintenance (odd repairs), MOT, insurance for the category, congestion, etc…

I only travel average 40-50 a day! Forget that, my commute is 25 miles return trip on A406.

So if I can rid of my banger, but get a brand new spanking AND electric, car, which is typically costs same as leasing LEAF @£249/month.
Congestion Nil
Mot nil (first year?)
No “repairs”
New car!
Insurance half price (I had 0 no claims + 1 incident)

Why not!?

Costs the same!

Well, each one needs to work out their costs, maybe consider as a second car, yada yada.

But I sold my Polo. EV is my one and only car and having been licking myself at the sight and rumours of these EVs years back when they cost the arm, the leg, and two kidneys, – I think it##Q##s time… To make a leap of faith…

I setup a form to get you/whoever interested to just apply only and get a call back from people like meself, but the dealership.
See link on left menu.


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