#vauxhall #ampera #electricVehicle #review – Finally had a Test Drive of this “legendary” #ev. My Thoughts on it…

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One Upon Time, i got hands on Ampera built by Vauxhall, Parented by General Motors (GM). In Essence, the Vold by Chrysler. Its the same thing. Parented by GM. same parents, same roots. Somewhat different designs (i prefer Volt Aesthetics)

Moving swiftly on. I will go through this bullet point listed. One event to the next, whatever made me “make the note” as i was testing the vehicle.

I have a feeling this may make its way into the “Fleet”, at my work, but read on…

It was the Ampera Electron (Top Trim. 35k). Big Beast. Nice cosy seats. Big Boot. All very noticeable right away.

Car tends to make good use of the electric charge first before 1.4L (43mpg avg) engine/generator purrs into life. As it should be. Thus all commuting (my journey) to-fro work – some near 30 miles a day is well accomodated. I found that despite the “full charge” delivering 29 miles (hopefully based on profiling) in real life – i DID have full climate control on and heating conveniently switched on as well. It Was 3c outside there

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