Trip Two: Brent Cross To Hemel Hempstead

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So, One EV trip a “great success”, here comes another one!

I see that planning another trip to a “further-off” destination wont do any harm, and already got to work. This could be another fun activity evening/day for the wife (friends) – shopping, or for me (or us gents) Skiing! – since Hemel Hempstead has this indoor skii/snowboard arena we are all ought to try out before even plans for future skii/snow holidays: N00bies for you.

Planning Objective:

Plan and execute a realistic and most importantly maintainable travel plan which will allow us to charge while “out and about” at the destination for 2-3 hours. Most most most utmost Importantly = Get us back home afterwards.

Load: 4 people (max capacity)

Google Suggested routes: 45.0 mi, 1 hour 4 mins M1 and A5, from Brent Cross

Must avoid all “heavy-duty” driving, – speeding uphill ~60mph is a no-no. To Remain in ECO consumption mode, one needs to drive “smart”, allow full use of regenerative braking.

I must say, that similar mileage trip to Southend-on-Sea was a great success, with just over the “tank” energy use one way and return trip was even better with exactly Half-tank battery consumption.

Charging: Consult Make necessary enquiries (membership/access) prior to departure. It appears that POD Point Operating the park&charge scheme. Must register to avoid disappointment. Luckily there are plenty parking and charging points around the shopping and activity area.

Date Set: Pending review (wife)


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