Complaint to Source London Charging Network (from our user!) regarding Wrong #EV information on their site

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Thanks to one dilligent user, we can confirm that our previous article about SourceLondon EV incorrect figures has gone further. A full complaint has been sent to Source London.

Dear Source London,

Just thought i would drop a line regarding the incorrect car figures on your website.
As a keen Electric Car pioneer, i find it very disconcerting that such wrong information could be put on such an “official London electric car charging” website.
you are listing all electric cars available now and in the coming future, – so i guess someone does indeed update this page. There is even latest Electric Ford Focus recently announced.
However, the top speed, top range, and charging methods for all cars require checking all over again.
There is certainly liberal use of charging methods “Fast Charging” is NOT the same as Rapid Charging, yet it appears according to the website, many cars on the list can be charged within 20-30minutes to 80%. This is outright wrong.
I don##Q##t need to go into details on how damaging and discouraging this is, based on these wrong figures, to the average interested consumer, as well as potential damage to the overall “Lets get electric cars on the road” campaign, this is meant to be all about.
Please have someone actually check the official figures from the manufacturer, as oppose of merely “asking someone for a guess”, and correct this information on the website.
I always recommend your website as a reliable source of most up-to-date electric car charging information as well of information regarding electric cars, however to my shock, it appears your website has taken a significant hit to its credibility.
See for yourself.
Please let me know your intentions, – as i don##Q##t know if any other electric car information on your website is now correct.

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