UK #ElectricCar EV charging Network is ever expanding. More Charging facilities for Electric Vehicle Drivers. Horray!

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Leaders in the field of electric vehicles (EVs) have joined forces to accelerate the development of a national plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure as well as developing associated technologies.
Charge Your Car, the largest regional network of EV charge points and its sister company, Zero Carbon Futures are to enter into an agreement with Chargemaster Plc, the country##Q##s leading provider of EV charging infrastructure.

The move follows on from the recent announcement that Chargemaster is to acquire Charge Your Car##Q##s joint venture partner, Elektromotive Limited.

The partnership will involve the organisations working together to support the widespread roll-out of the existing Charge Your Car network and Pay As You Go (PAYG) services, easing the use of EVs for drivers throughout the UK.

Through an agreement between all parties, a mutually beneficial business model will be adopted so that existing customers from both organisations will be able to access points using the Charge Your Car network as the operating platform. The strength of the Charge Your Car scheme lies within their PAYG system, that allows EV drivers to charge at points throughout the UK without the need for multiple membership.

The parties see the significant benefits of charging points across the country being accessible through multi payment mechanisms. Chargemaster customers will gain from increased access to charging posts from the Charge Your Car network, in addition to their existing POLAR charging network.

Dr Colin Herron, Director of Charge Your Car, said: “This is a strong partnership bringing together three organisations with natural synergies that are all working towards the goal of the widespread roll-out of EV charging infrastructure. Combined, we will have a network consisting of 70% of all charge points in the UK and through this partnership we will help promote ease of use for EV drivers.”

All three organisations possess unique skills and experience in the EV environment, and in a separate agreement the companies will also work together to develop emerging associated technologies in areas such as home charging and induction charging.
This strong collaboration of expert organisations is expected to become a major player in the European market for electric vehicle charging equipment which is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years.

Dr Colin Herron, added: “The Low Carbon sector is at an exciting period in its development with a whole host of R&D activity taking place across the UK and Europe. It is natural that we now look to form partnerships such as this to accelerate that development by bringing together a wealth of expertise that will help to commercialise and develop products and services.”

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