A year with a twizy: London commuting and convenience travel about town

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It has now creeped over a year since I have owner my Renault Twizy.

So quick stats

Since day One; I have opted for 7500miles/year battery rental agreement,- with includes recovery assistance.

My daily commute works out roughly 25miles a day.

I have had (and since sold) twizy Windows by renault(flappy ones) and have bought lexan Windows (sturdy ones which cover all the way to the back of the door-curve.
Better security. Better protection from the elements.

I installed this #TAQSI Bluetooth sound systemic the twizy, so I can now have my favourite weekender playlist on my rides about town.

Best twizy related ado is the marketing wrap and events I have done for some folks which sort of pre-paid my battery rental for a year. So this £53/month battery fee, has not really been felt on my pocket. So “yey” there.

Daily commuting, even shopping, pick-ups and drop-offs – (friends and family members who wanted to endure a tandem ride) was actually quite an interesting development. Didn’t expect to do people collect/drops all that often.

I have however truly enjoyed two things:

Incredibly cheap cost of driving. 6.1kwh battery pack that is, costs about £0.70 with my home electricity tariff. Considering my commute does get work/based charging (top up really, 1.5hours and I’m good) and places about London – not sure if I even should count that expense.

Did I mention the charging? Well, 3 hours 0-100% to charge this beast is ridiculous.

I top up when I get to work (11-12miles later) that takes just over a hour, no thanks to my merry-zealous driving style in the morning. But you get the picture. Cost of driving fuel is near-nil.

So far some snags with the twizy were sorted by warranty, but at large I found the costs of twizy servicing and parts pretty sensible. I think a new tyre is £43, so you get an idea. Couple that with free health checks you get time to time with my dealer and it’s a good deal all round.

My range
Being me, i have been very pedantic with my range counting just like many other EV owners out there. Pushing my twizy best I could with all sort of driving styles.

I think I managed 42miles range. Half range driven with a passenger! So I’m content on that note.

Sure, winter, temperature as well as Driving style makes a difference. So common EV sense approach works and the range is the similar today as last year, although feels like it’s 1-2 miles less on the range estimate.

Had battery electronics checked by Renault, these folks given me 100% healthy report. Much like yourself, I’m finding that 100% figure incredibly dubious and naive, providing that it’s a 4 year old battery, so there is bound to be some form of degradation, – alas it’s not significant enough to warrant any serious exploration on my part. You see, battery rental is there to deal with any of battery related issues – it’s a separate product – warranty – so it’s “not my problem”, so to speak. Good. So far so good.

One of serious twizy benefits – size!

I can fit twizy in my drive and then fit a Nissan Leaf right behind it. If it’s a BMW i3 I need to fit on the same drive instead, – all the easier. Parking at most notorious parking black spots, from obscure and awkward to downright impossible by conventional car means, with a twizy, I can hop in, pop to the high street bakery in the morning, and be back home in guaranteed 10 minutes or less.

Very impressive. Parking is not an issue.

There is a snag, whereby your twizy is not a car but not a bike either, so overtaking stationary one-way traffic – common sense – not possible. Maybe for for a short break? Anyway. Drive. Park. Go.

There are also, as discovered, a lot of custom mods available and developed for twizy electric – from external rear storage  to speed (ECU) mods, enabling you to turn up the power spec the twizy. Currently it’s limited to 50MPH, and say you wanted to go 60MPH – you can.subject to insurance cover and warranty alike but if you want it – you can have it.

Weather proofing. You know, like most, I have had Windows on, even at the spec of rain. And it was good. Especially during winter and winter freezing chills. But eventually, I found them too big, to unwieldy and unnecessary for commutes. Sacrificing convenience of free access to my twizy and even a casual QnA chat about my twizy ride with a fellow traffic-stuck driver in the lane next to me… I missed that. With Windows on, it’s not the same.

Besides. So far I am yet to be rained on, soaked so, when it’s raining so bad. With heaviest downpours here and there at odd occurrence a year, hmm…. Debatable. In my Personal humble opinion, winter months, sure, keep Windows fitted, come Feb-March, take them off.
Conclusion to date
if you need a daily commuter and your work has a lack of parking spaces, or you dont like the idea of
riding a bike, for mostly short distances, TWIZY is your thing.

Ps mine is still for sale. Holla me on Twitter or email me on iam[at]evmeerkat.com

Zipcar to bring 50 electric vehicles to London

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Car-sharing service Zipcar is partnering with Westminster city council to bring fifty Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid electric cars to its members in London.
Westminster will receive 40 cars and 10 additional cars are to be sent elsewhere in London, such as Tower Bridge and Old Oak.

Electric car charging points have been installed in 40 of Westminster city council’s club parking bays.

The city council has installed electric charging infrastructure in 40 of its car club parking bays.

Councillor Heather Acton, Westminster city council cabinet member for parking and sustainability, said: “Electric vehicles are key to helping address pollution. Giving more people the chance to drive an electric car in London, and on a shared basis, is a big step towards creating a greener city.

“We are delighted that residents and visitors to Westminster will have the opportunity to try out these vehicles. Car sharing makes so much sense in central London, where a private car is not often needed.”


The cars are available to drivers for £7 an hour, which is the same rate as a petrol Volkswagen Golf.

According to Zipcar Figures suggest that one in 10 UK car club members have used an electric vehicle, which is up on just 4% in 2014.

Mark Walker, Zipcar UK general manager, said: “At Zipcar, we are all about simple and responsible urban living. The Volkswagen Golf GTE fully supports that ethos and is ideal for our members. The combination of pure electric vehicle driving in the city and fully flexibility to escape anywhere in the country, without compromise, is compelling. We believe our members will thoroughly enjoy driving this car in electric mode and will become keen advocates for electric vehicle driving in London.”

The car club strategy for London announced last May by councils, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London is targeting 50% of car-share fleets to be electric vehicles by 2050.

Source: http://www.airqualitynews.com/2016/06/09/zipcar-to-bring-50-electric-vehicles-to-london/

London: where should I #twizy #twizy ride #EV #zeroEmissiontoday- no #commute day :)

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It’s a gorgeous #London Sunday – where should I #twizy #twizy ride #EV #zeroEmissiontoday- no #commute today 🙂

Twizy Travel: 2 people, 2 suitcase, 1 bag, 1 twizy #electricCar #ev ride #commute #london

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Who said you can go for a quick weekender in a #twizy…

Ok, so we had to get from A to B really, but with 45odd mile range I’d get on my Renault twizy, you can see the convenience,(or not and I won’t blame you) of the ride, vs public transport lugging all this and change several times along the way. And Before you ask: No, I don’t have another car at the moment. So twizy or train&tube&bus.

Cost of this travel option: £1 in electricity.

Cost of would be alternative public travel for two people would be £20 (+ time inconvenience)

Uber equivalent would be £50

—- so, can #twizy holiday be done?

 Yes —-

Would I do it again? 

Not really – my i3 delivery is nearly upon us. 🙂

Will this work? – We hope so: “Electric cars to use bus lanes in UK cities”

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From Guardian Website

UK cities are to allow electric car drivers to beat congestion by using bus lanes, as part of a government drive to encourage uptake of the cleaner vehicles.

Milton Keynes and Derby will copy similar measures in Norway and allow the cars to drive in miles of bus lanes, while owners in Hackney will be able to plug in at street lights. York drivers will be able to recharge their batteries at a solar-powered park-and-ride and electric car owners in Bristol and Milton Keynes will be allowed to park for free.

The schemes were announced by the Department for Transport on Monday as part of a £40m pot shared out among eight towns and cities. Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London are the main beneficiaries, but Dundee, Oxford, York, Derby have also won funding.

Electric cars are seen as a key way for the UK to meet its carbon budgets and cut the illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution that blight many British cities. While still relatively niche compared to combustion engine cars, the number of 100% electric cars registered in 2015 nearly doubled on the year before, to 9,934.

In Norway, incentives including generous tax breaks and allowing electric cars in bus lanes have spurred uptake of the cars which now account for nearly one in five of all new cars sold.

London, which suffers the worst air pollution in the UK, gets the lion’s share of the funding. The Go Ultra Low fund will give the capital £13m for “neighbourhoods of the future” in several boroughs, where electric cars will be prioritised over other vehicles.

The transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin , said: “I want to see thousands more greener vehicles on our roads and I am proud to back this ambition with £40m to help the UK become international pioneers of emission-cutting technology.”

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, gave the initiatives a cautious welcome but said ultimately it was up to industry to drive take-up.

“We are all in favour of encouraging drivers to go ultra-green, but the risk of relying on perks such as access to bus lanes, free parking and exemption from London’s congestion charge is that they can be at odds with other policies such as promoting public transport and easing congestion,” he said.

The government has pledged to continue a long-running electric car grant, but it will decrease in April from the maximum £5,000 currently available to between £2,500 and 4,500, depending on which models buyers choose.

Lamp posts with charging points and free parking for green cars: Four cities get £40m pot to improve electric-car infrastructure

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A fund of £40 million will be spread across four towns and cities in a Government bid to promote the uptake of electric and plug-in hybrid cars, it was announced on Monday.

Local authorities competed for a share of the pot, with Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London being the big winners of the electric-vehicle investment, the Depart of Transport confirmed.

The money from the Go Ultra Low City Scheme will now be used to boost the infrastructure for alternative-fuel vehicles in the UK new new proposals predicted to save commuters up to £1,300 a year.

Electric-car boost: A new £40m pot to improve the infrastructure for charging electric and plug-in hybird cars has been awarded to four UK cities, the DfT announced. Erik Fairbairn, ceo of POD Point, is pictured here.

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London: New electric car-charging bays as Hammersmith council steps up fight against pollution

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The battle against pollution is being stepped up with the introduction of 40 new electric car-charging bays across Hammersmith and Fulham by end of next year.Planning applications for 10 new on-street car-charging points, each with two bays, have been submitted to H&F by service providers Source London Network, with applications for a further 10 charging points expected to follow shortly.

The new facilities are being considered in response to growing demand from residents as the popularity of low and zero-emission cars continues to rise in Hammersmith and Fulham, with numbers tripling year on year.

H&F revealed earlier this year that air pollution kills more than 200 people in the borough every year.

And before that, a cycling group carried out tests which revealed pollution on the in the borough was worse than thought, with children being hit hardest .
Cllr Wesley Harcourt is head of transport and environment at the council. He said: “We are committed to improving air quality by driving-down harmful emissions in H&F. These new on-street charging points will help power the welcome growth of low-emission vehicles in the borough.

“More residents using electric cars will see a reduction in CO2, NOx and particulate matter emissions that have detrimental effects on health and the environment.”

The first ten charging points, if granted planning permission, should be installed in early 2016, with the remaining ten expected to be up-and-running before the end of the year.

With Westfield shopping centre having 40 charging bays in its car park, it will bring the total in the borough to 80 by the end of 2016.

Residents who are keen to have a charging point in their street can notify the council online. If sufficient requests are made the H&F will investigate installing one.
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AC & DC: Zoe and Leaf: 8 people London to Cotswold’s #evRoadTrip @OldSwanMinsterMill and LegoLand Windsor

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First of all, a little disclaimer: All views are my own and personal. i am a keen EV driver since 2012 days and all/any criticism is based on my own experience and similarly, improvement recommendations may already be in place for all those in the upgraded models. This is not to dissuade you from any purchase or lease option for either of these models.

As per my pervious post and indeed snaps…

Here goes, starting with a preface,Loading Buggies into a boot of an electric car
My In-laws have descended for a family wedding, here in our sunny and beautifully Hertfordshire, and whilst all wedding related ads are done, dusted and in-between it would have been a good idea to take them out to our gorgeous English countryside. Where better than Cotswolds and the like. But wait, there is more, sister-in-law and their family would certainly need to join as well and their children, for none-other than LegoLand flying visit as well.

Now, you know me, it’s 8 of us now, never mind the luggage and buggies for two children, and I’m not all too keen on 8+ people carrier, not that you can rent one our like so for a sensible sum. Dedicated 16 seater with 20mpg is a definite no no. so Two cars? Perhaps. » Read the rest of this entry «

Chargemaster to expand network and replace broken charging points for free

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Electric vehicle charging point operator Chargemaster has announced it will expand its network by installing 2000 new points across the country.

The new points will join the firm’s existing network of 4000 charging stations.

Chargemaster said the move intends to resolve issues where several third-party charging points installed under the Government’s Plugged in Places scheme have been unserviceable.

Chargemaster is offering to replace these units for free to enable the nation’s infrastructure to be upgraded.

The company said it will install around 1000 points in London, some of which will replace non-functional stations, while 600 stations will be placed in new locations with a focus on hotels, supermarkets and health clubs.

Chargemaster is committed to making electric vehicles a viable option to people across the UK, and this latest move solidifies that intention,” said David Martell, chief executive of Chargemaster. “By growing our network nationwide, but also focusing on traditionally poor areas of service, such as London, we are confident we will make a marked difference for EV owners wanting to charge on the move”.

Formula E: First season of electric car racing ends in Battersea Park

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Formula E: First season of electric car racing ends in Battersea Park

‘Drive The Future’.

The tagline used by Formula E; the revolutionary global electric racing series of which the inaugural season came to a conclusion in London over the weekend.

About 60,000 spectators gathered at Battersea Park to watch Team China’s Nelson Piquet Jr win the first ever drivers’ championshipfollowing 10 months of races, promotion, persuasion and plenty of power units.

Motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, wanted to attract a new, younger audience and reduce its carbon footprint while boosting the green economy. » Read the rest of this entry «

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