Ecotricity’s Dale Vince: “£6 for 30 minutes” …read MORE

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Dale Vince on Your and Yours

This is now £6 for 30 minutes.

In regards to the programme,
I am not personally not so pro-PHEV (my personal view) for Rapid Charge point hogging – as featured in the programme (I have been stuck in the queue behind PHEV, while i had no choice but politely hang about, in line in my pure BEV)

But back to the point;
Free Charging was always appreciated and we/EV Folk, have always known that ‘charging’ will come, in one form or another, one day, sooner or later.

And let me make it clear, that I personally do not view the charging per se being an issue whatsoever.

However, it’s the particulars of “charging for charging”,

it was £5 for 20 mins – feels like a rough get-go plan, which would put this cost-price for a sensible level of charging (typically 30mins charge time) at about £7.50. Thats for starters and this amount would really be felt at home, especially the new-ev-comers who potentially have gone electric, for more financial reasons. So [any] savings are out of the window.
Then we have the 20minute figure itself.. which barely would “top up” the average 24kwh nissan leaf in full.
Never mind the 30kWh Nissan Leaf.
30 minutes (10 minutes extra time) is indeed a welcomed change, but surely the fairest way to charge would be per kWh?
Otherwise, what would happen to the odd ev driver who needs to “add a few miles” to enable them for a “long jump” to their destination. that may not be anywhere close to 20 minutes even, albeit charge-per-duration rules to apply.

Not even mentioning the 24kwh vs 30kwh battery pack discrepancy and indeed the cold weather vs hot weather impact on the rate of charging (ideal battery temperature is about 18c)

In Short,

  • A more reasonable and Charging per kWh charging, is we want to see.
  • But maybe it is a move to discourage the PHEV drivers hogging the Rapid Chargers?

What are your Thoughts?

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