#twizytweaks : covering the gap around the steering column on twizy for Less Winter’s Icy Breeze.

October 14th, 2015 Comments Off on #twizytweaks : covering the gap around the steering column on twizy for Less Winter’s Icy Breeze.

To be honest when I first came across this video on YouTube covering the steering column gap, I didn’t really give it much notice.
now however, that it is winterA year with a twizy: London commuting and convenience travel about town. Read more ... »-ish, and iceHave-your-say Poll: Is this fair to make EV #electricCar Driver pay for RapidCharging ? http://goo.gl/LXY3EM. Read more ... » coldVolvo C30 Electric Test Fleet: Latest Update Adds Fast Charging. Read more ... » slowly creeping in I have experienced this icy chill factor firsthand, when riding 50 milesOn Hold: London to Amsterdam by #EV #electricCar #green "Proof of Concept". Oh Brave #evMeerkatTrip Leg 1&2. Read more ... » an hourPreparing for the first "Big Trip". Read more ... » while wearing my loafers – that I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.
soEcotricity's Electric Highway Grid in UK is to grow and cover entire UK motorway network. Read more ... » this is what I have done to fix this small snag…
#twizytweak hashtag to be usedHow much should I pay for Type 1 (J1772) to Type 2 "Fast Charge" #ev cable for My Nissan Leaf?. Read more ... » for all my tweaks and upgradesPlanning upgrade #electricCar #electricVehicle june2013. which #ev make; & update my domain from "evmeerkat.com" #zoe / #LEAF ?. Read more ... ».

Found some type of non-slip floor-mat rubber.

Measured the dimensions[img] Messy way to charge your car: hope it's a one-off. . Read more ... » of the gap.

Cut it out. Note that I opted to arrange it in such a way that I don’t have to secure this mat. Instead it can “hang” over the steering column – and it won’t turn right of leftElectric Car Battery Prices on Track to Drop 70% by 2015, Says Energy Secretary. Read more ... » as its cut tight in place.

I may have cut the hole too small, as I was keen to ensure it fits like a “funnel”. Since you cannot#ElectricCar sales in #UK expected to double in 2013 as prices start to fall. #EV #london #green #eco. Read more ... » place such DIYRenault twizy door struts replaced. Now scissor doors spring up!. Read more ... » mat of yours flush with the floor as steering column has a corner fitted there.

Side effect of this is that my steering is squeaky, guess some grease should do the trick.

I say pick thinner rubber mat option – easier to workDriving my swift flat-rate costing yet speedy Gonzales #EV #ElectricCar 😀 woohoo!! Go #imiev #czero #ion #LEAF. Read more ... » it and should do the same trick – some old carWant an electric car charge point on the street outside your house? There's a £2.5m pot, but the catch is you have to apply though your council. Read more ... » mats is a good#Renault #ZOE #EV and its #Chameleon Charger: bye-bye plug-at-home connector. Good plan?. Read more ... » place to start.

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