Electric Vehicle Drivers Association in United Kingdom #EVDA-UK

August 30th, 2013 Comments Off on Electric Vehicle Drivers Association in United Kingdom #EVDA-UK

The ElectricCouncil ask where to install more electric car charging points. Read more ... » VehicleSunderland-built electric cars could protect our health, finds Parliament report. Read more ... » Drivers Association – United KingdomFinally Here: Tesla Motors Introduces the All-Wheel Drive Model S 70D. Read more ... » or EVDA-UKPlanning future charging infrastructure & funding? OLEV QnA #ev #evdauk. Read more ... » was formed todayGood Time to Go #Electric: DfT gives £37m to spread #electric #car #charging points. Read more ... » 4th May 2013.

The aimsForced hand, clean future? Norway to 'completely ban all petrol powered cars by 2025'. Read more ... » of the group are:

If you wish to join the group, please e-mail mem-email. To be eligible for full membershipFull Steam Ahead: Ecotricity and Nissan install('ing) UK electric-car-charging network. Read more ... » you need to be based in the UK and either an EV owner or a regular driver of EVs, so it2015 Nissan Leaf aims to be more self aware. Read more ... » would help to mention which EV you drive in your e-mail. If you are not based in the UK, or don’t currently own or drive an EV you can still join as an associate member.


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