Why Drive an Electric Car

February 9th, 2015 Comments Off on Why Drive an Electric Car

SoEcotricity's Electric Highway Grid in UK is to grow and cover entire UK motorway network. Read more ... » the story is – I have upgraded from my automatic petrolRepost: 'I've saved £2,000 in less than a year with my electric car:' Is it worth ditching the petrol pump for a plug socket?. Read more ... » (35mpg) to an electricindependent.ie: "We're not serious enough on electric cars". I concur.. Read more ... » carindependent.ie: "We're not serious enough on electric cars". I concur.. Read more ... », some near 2Renault twizy door struts replaced. Now scissor doors spring up!. Read more ... » years ago. And I have Never looked back.

Some “minor” yet useful benefits:

Then, There’s The Maths, – READ MORE.


As one gentleman once rightly said, “Electric Car is not for everyone, it is only able to satisfy the needs of some 90% of the drivingTrip to Scotney Castle (National Trust). Read more ... » population“. If thats not true, thats damn close

Enjoy the websiteFirst AGM For UK's Electric Vehicles Drivers Association #EVDA #ev #electricCar. Read more ... » reading, folks!


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Now For some News…

Electric vs Fossil Fuel Comparison Updated

PSTrip to Scotney Castle (National Trust). Read more ... ». I personally researchUK Gov: Boosting Green and Electric Car/ Low emission Car uptake with £500 Million Investment. Read more ... » the best Deals, so you are guaranteed to get the best dealCheapest #bmwi3 #electricCar Lease: BMW i3 3+35 term lease deal 10k/annum @£296/mth. Read more ... » for your money. This is independent of the dealerThinking of buying yet another nissan LEAF Acenta....call me crazy but it's cheaper than ICE to join my household!. Read more ... », but my personal mission. If you know there is a goodWhatCar? : Group test - BMW i3 vs Volkswagen e-Golf. Read more ... » deal around – get in touch, after all iam[at] evmeerkat.com – www.leasingShould Everyone Lease Cars All The Time? Elon Musk Says Yes (esp electric). Read more ... ».london

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